Hills Netball Academy Development Program

Netball is a highly competitive sport with large numbers of players enjoying their involvement every week. The top end of the talent pool is extremely well supported with netball associations providing 'A' grade competitions, qualified coaches, representative and development programs. 


However, as we all know young athletes develop at different ages and through different experiences. So, for those players who are not quite ready for the top of their playing age at the moment but have a desire to improve with some additional instruction and training, the Hills Netball Academy offers its Development Program.


This Development Program targets young players who want to break onto the representative pathways provided by their netball associations but require further assistance with their skills, fitness and game knowledge. 


Participants in this program will improve the spread of their skills and knowledge across defence, attack and game management. They will gain an appreciation of how to select and use combination skills. They will improve their fitness and gain insight into how to push themselves and support others in a team environment.

Therefore, participants in the Hills Netball Academy Development Program will be better placed for representative and development trials and selections in the not too distant future.