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Co-founders Nicole Brooke and Leesa Angles have a love of the game but more importantly the passion to pass on their skills and knowledge base to other coaches and of course players.


HNA was born in November 2014 over a discussion they were having about their daughters, their friends with daughters and how many other people they know with girls who love netball and how there wasn’t really anything around that consistently offered ongoing training clinics. There was this gap in the largest women’s sport and we wanted to try and make a difference.


Since then we have held School Holiday Clinics, Pre Season Training and Fitness sessions every year.

The Academy often is employed to attend other Associations/Clubs and Schools to assist with grading and training of their teams. 


The Development Program is the Hills Netball Academy's newest initiative to help develop, motivate and train girls to be confident, to help improve their game and to be the best that they can. Specifically targeted at fringe players who are willing to take the extra step if they wish to trial to represent their associations.